Thursday, May 18, 2006


So this week I made my emotional goodbyes to family, friends, car, home and assorted possesions and make the trek up to Minnesota. Just me, my dad, two cats and all of my earthly fortune. We set off monday morning, and stopped monday afternoon. In a traffic jam. For three hours.

Damn you, Chemical Spill!!!

Eventually we made our way up to my brother's place in Knoxville, where he took me to work with him at WUTK "The Rock". I got to pick out a song for his show (Autolux: Turnstile Blues) and squeak a hello over the air. I also pillaged the freebie cabinet, pirate-style.

Tuedsay we set out from Tennessee, which was by far the most pleasant part of the trip, the portion from Knoxville up into Kentucky. We passed by the Original, first ever, KFC...which I quickly dismissed as a dinner option.

Indianapolis was unremarkable, other than parts of it smelled a lot like sweetgrass.

Rural Illinois...what can I say? Flat, Farmy, and after hours on end of flat and farmy, Grueling.

Wisconsin was actually quite pretty in a very Winslow Homer sort of way. We stopped at a huge wall of rock that as it turns out, was an Island in what used to be a glacial lake. We saw lots of cows, Buffalo (!) and HOLY CRAP the Deer are HUGE here. They make the Deer found in SC look dwarfy.

I crossed the Mississippi river for the first time that I can remember when we travelled through the Twin Cities, and with the perfectly cool, sunny weather it would have been an ideal arrival, except that we arrived right in the middle of
Rush Hour. I was suddenly glad I sold my car.

My dad and brother and B. managed to get all my stuff in a 5 x 10 storage space in like...less than an hour. My dad and brother took off right after, heading back south. I was sad to see them go, but I feel better now that I am here. The cats are currently boarding at a really great facility that lets me come visit every day until we get into our apartment. Now, unbelieveably...I'm going to wash B.'s clothes and make his dinner. It sounds revolting, I know. But he's at work and there is little else to do. Besides, I miss cooking at the moment. It will give me the feeling that everything is still somewhat normal. Of course I'm making southern food.

What did you expect?


B.O.B.I. said...

Yeah, when you actually say it out loud, it does sound like you've become my little housewife. Don't worry, I'm not going to get used to it when you're going to rush right out and get a job that pays way better than mine. Then you can just be my sugar momma.

And you know I DO appreciate everything you did for me today; the dinner was DELICIOUS! I'm looking forward to leftovers for lunch tomorrow! I love you!

Ms. Adventures said...

Wow it sounds like a fantastic voyage. I'm so glad you made it there safely- kitties in tow.
I'm REALLY sorry I missed you... like I cried a little, seriously. I was SO mad! I kept saying ok we should stop, I gotta go to Beth's, and then we'd do more and THEN I MISSED YOU! IT SUCKED!

Anyways- if you don't mind sending me your address and new number I would appreciate. I will definitely be needing to send care packages etc... :)

kimberlina said...

teeheeeheee! man, what a drive. what was that, 2 days?? insanity! i bet those cats were soo unhappy! ;) btw - don't get too used to doing his laundry and cleaning! unless, of course, in return, he gives you lots and lots of insanely good loving any damn time you demand it. that's always a good compromise. NC-17 style.


Anonymous said...

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