Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Unpacking is never a big deal to me, in fact that's my favorite part of moving. It's the packing that sucks. Weeding out all the stuff you don't need or want, wrapping the breakables, marking boxes, it all sucks.

Usually I'm able to be very business-like about it, but this time It feels so much more personal. It took me two years to turn my little apartment into home, and I AM going to miss the cheap rent and hardwood floors. Not to mention I've always loved Columbia, the perfect mix of city and town.

To celebrate the last two years, and give my apartment and Columbia the proper send-off, here are some of my favorite memories from this place:

Me, my short hair, my granny afgan and my fat cat.

Sometimes I hate 1950's advertising. Stupid disembodied head!!! This was at the Old Mill Antique Mall

Having my manz in my kitchen made me SO HAPPY!!!

Skylar and Yoshimi (a black belt in Karate) before the dog was banned from my house for making indoor poo.

Tiki man and Papsan Chair both fell victim to the Moving Sale. Farewell!!!

Yes, it's me in my underwear.

Tara and a very convincing Tammy Faye at Art Bar Halloween.

Two of my paintings.

Mollie and Buddy.

Another one of my paintings, along with the Drapes I made (thanks, Ash!) and the entertainment center I put together.

Me and Crystal look like an Orbit Commercial. Brilliant!


kimberlina said...

hey hottie in your underwear!


i, too, hate packing. i'm bad at culling through my things... really bad. so i just box it all up and everything moves with me forever and ever.

and ever.

Michaela said...

After moving last summer, I came to the conclusion that NEVER again will I move. I fully understand that it would mean that I would have to live with my mother forever, but it would almost be worth it!

Michaela said...

Where are you moving to?

Bee said...

You don't know?

Bobi and I are moving in together! I'm going to MN!

That's right! We're Shacking Up! Living in SIN!

The real sin is how messy the boy is.

Michaela said...

OMG!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you guys!

Damn I need to be blogging more. I must be up to date with this stuff!

kimberlina said...

boys are sinfully messy. but not in the good sin way. alas.

make up a chore chart. it might work. that's what i tell myself as the dust gathers on the one i made... *sigh*

Sleep Goblin said...

In the time it took me to actually write this, I've forgotten which point I was going to comment on...

Maybe it was your van gogh couch (HOTT!). Or maybe it was to remind you that you promised to stop here on the way to MN.

Sleep Goblin said...

I remember!! It was Yoshimi!!

Cause she knows that it'd be tragic if these evil robots win!