Sunday, May 07, 2006

Law & Order withdrawls! Damn You, Basketball!!!

In lieu of actually saying something, here are some pictures I took today...

Me and one of my Bestest friends in the world, Trevor.

My face always looks so damned ROUND next to Christina's! Dammit!

I get fuzzy love!

A cat. An Elephant. Some shoes.

Mister Grumpy Face!

Check out my Cheekbone!!!

Blue teardrop Necklace made by yours truly.

Bead necklace handcrafted and presented to Amber as graduation gift...also by me!


kimberlina said...

mister grumpy face is so adorable! is he coming with you?

when are you moving, exactly??

Bee said...

Mr. Grumpy Face, aka Buddy, is coming with me, I move in exactly one week! I'm going to have to Board the both of them for about two & 1/2 weeks until we can move into our place. I'll miss them so!

kimberlina said...

how very exciting! what a move. being with your boyfriend, physically, is so much better than the agony of being apart.

fo shizzle.

you're going to have to stock up on treats like crazy when they get back from being boarded!

Crystal said...

i'm going to miss you so bad.

(btw, watched Carpe Noctem again last night. Boreanaz's new show MUST work in a way for him to wear leather pants! MUST I say!)