Thursday, January 26, 2006

I've been tagged! Taggity Tag Tagged!

Thanks to Kimberlina, who somehow knew I wanted to post but had nothing to say!

4 jobs i've had:

* office manager
* coffee slinger
* temp (read: doormat)
* international superstar

4 places i've lived:

* columbia, sc
* raleigh, nc
* chattanooga, tn
* orangeburg, sc (not too proud of that one. not to proud at all)

4 movies i could watch over and over:

* cold mountain
* garden state
* amelie
* the frighteners

4 tv shows i watch (currently on air)

* lost
* scrubs
* deadwood
* rrrrrrome!

4 places i've been on vacation:

* maggie valley, nc
* cozumel, mexico
* chicago, il
* cape san blas, fl

4 websites i visit daily:

* blogger

4 of my favorite foods:

* sushi
* quesadillas
* any and all italian food
* the chick-fil-a breakfast burrito. nums.

4 places i'd rather be right now:

* burnsville, mn (shout-out!)
* cashiers, ga
* asheville, nc

4 bloggers i am tagging:

* crystalpistol (have you already done this one?)
* wonderwoman (via Divas?)
* michaela
* rowan

That wasn't so bad, now was it?


Ms. Adventures said...


GREAT picture! You look FABU! I think it may be the glow of LUV.

Bee said...

Luv? What's Luv? Are we abbreviating 4-letter words now? Is that the cool new thing? Cause if it is...That'd be Nit.

B.O.B.I. said...

LOL @ Bee's comment!

Nice list! I wish you were here, too! (Nice and subtle there :D)

HEY! Is that greenery I see out your window!?

NO FAIR! We're only up in the 50s right now and it's gonna plummet next week, I know it!

And what's up with not tagging your boyfriend, hmmm?

Just giving you grief. It's fun!

B.O.B.I. said...

Oh yeah, some proposed abbreviations:


Whaddya think? Here's to destroying English!


Bee said...

You had already been tagged, via Sleepy.

Yes, that's the tree that IS my backyard (you'll see soon enough).

How would you abbreviate 'adorable'? Adb?

kimberlina said...

i'm bored at work. where are all the posts? i've posted twice today. TWICE! in ONE DAY!

i'm going to die of boredom these next two weeks. i can feel it in dez bones o' myn.

Spinning Girl said...

Dragonfly. I like dragonflies, too. Ergo, you are cool.

Bee said...

Wait...was this in debate? If so, then Double thanks!

That's actually a shower curtian my mom gave me that I threw up over the window in my spare bedroom, aka 'the Dead Letters Office'. Nothing in that room matches. 'Tis awesome.

Bee said...


I realize now how snarky that sounds. I wasn't trying to be hatin' on you!

I loves you, Wonder Woman!

When life gives you Haters, make Haterade!"