Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Don't call me Brenda.

If Crystal get's to have her obligitory post about stirrups then dammit so do I.

It's not as if going to the "lady doctor" isn't difficult enough for us girls, how awkward do you think it is when it's someone you know giving the exam? My friend Becky's mom is the new Nurse Practicioner at the clinic I go to. Imagine my surprise that Becky's Mom would now know me better than most of the men I've dated.

So today Becky's Mom found a not so lovely lump in my lovely lady lump. (God how I hate that song). She's sending me to yet another Doctor where I have to get an ultrasound on it. An ultrasound...there. An amusing mental picture, to say the least.

For your amusement, some Buffy Tarot Cards I made.

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Crystal said...

oooh! me likey! :) the one of riley turned out really good

B.O.B.I. said...

I wanna know what Xander is. He's my favorite character. :D

Sorry to hear about your lump... you know I give exams free of charge, right? We could take an extensive look any time you want.

Bee said...

No Xander card yet, was saving him for 'The Chariot' a la "I'm cool car guy" from The Zeppo.

And thanks for the offer, doc.