Saturday, January 21, 2006

O, Happy Day!

After yesterday's hoopla, I needed a little Girlfriend Shoppy time. Tara and I went to The Old Mill Antique Mall, which is this old tobacco warehouse in West Columbia that's been converted into a glorious plethora of the old, weird, and downright scary.

Here's Tara eyeing the best purchase she's made all day! A beautiful carved headboard & footboard, originally $100, marked down to $50.

I would have gotten this for you, Crystal. Sorry the photo turned out so darkish. Classic, and slightly off-putting Elvis Sneer.

Could it Be??? Masters of the Universe Sheets??? Yes! It is!

She really agonized over whether or not to buy these Canterbury Tales woodcut prints. Since they weren't on sale, we both opted for 'no'.

The Joker and Mork hanging out with a big rooster. That's gay.

How eerily similar to my own bookshelf this is.

I had to put Barbie in her own oven. Because the bitch must die!!!

Seriously, how sweet is this?

FINALLY, I show you my own purchases (minus 2, because they are a suprise for a certain somebody)

Risque Postcard!

This replaces my Brom '13' as my favorite piece of art! Check it Bitches!

This is so horrible and upsetting, I don't understand who would hang it up on their walls. I'd line my cat's litterbox with it, personally. Bad Dog!

We started to get tired after about 3 hours and STILL had not even looked at half of the stuff in there. We started to get loopy.

Ya think???

p.s. Can anyone please tell me how to remove these stupid caps?


B.O.B.I. said...

Hey! You got the a-hats out! That's my girl! So resourceful!

I'm glad you had fun!

And thanks for that cute e-mail, again...



Bee said...

Actually I didn't. Maybe it's my browser!

::scratches head::

kimberlina said...

antique malling! fun times. makes me want to visit our local circus flea market. it's actually shaped like a big circus tent - rather ironic.

thankfully, no clowns.

Bee said...


How Terrifying!!!

Especially the bald ones!

I'm pretty sure that's also my *intense* dislike for the circus speaking as well.

Long story.

Crystal said...

Oh, the Elvis ain't that creepy! :)

Skelator sheets?! Those are awesome.

Rrramone said...

Bee, if it makes you feel better I'm divorced twice. Who'd a thunk it? My main purpose for commenting is the bitching Elvis purchase you obviously didn't make. Nobody sneers like Elvis.