Sunday, January 15, 2006


I'm 28 today, and feeling every minuite of it. How does 28 feel? Like you've got the youth and vitality of 25 but the conscience of 35. Or something.

Last night I had my first-annual birthday bowling bash! In attendance was my best friend Tara the terror of the lanes, Skylar of the many scarves, Crystal and her Awesome Hair, Crystal's hubby with his smart ass and loss of balance, My friend Tony from high school who wore a belt buckle that said 'fuck off!' and doubled as a bottle opener, Gretta the goth soap-maker and her boyfriend Marc, awesome bowler and Gary Numan Fan. CARS!

We bowled all night (or until midnight-ish), myself frequently using the pre-lane space for such classic dances as the cabbage patch, the rodger rabbit, and the more modern dance simply entitled "Beyonce". I used the phrase "go Fisticuffs on yo azz" with much frequency and enthusiasm, and was in fact tempted to do so on more than one occasion. My theme for my look was Anime`, by the time I got home and got everyone out of the house, the shoes had come off, the makeup was gone, the earrings put away...but here's the gist of it...

I had no idea that shirt said 'Summer' until B.O.B.I. told me. I just knew it said 'Chinatown', and that it was extremely cool.

The morning after (being today, my actual birthday) I awoke with a rather unpleasant taste in my mouth. Pitchers of cheap beer give you morning breath like a dead hobo's asshole. I ache all over, my back and shoulders are particularly unbendy, but was it all worth it?

Hell YES it was! There is nothing better than being surrounded by people you love, being treated like the Queen, The Czar(ina), the Kaiser. And did I mention? Presents! My favorites being the box of fig-flavored Vodka minibottles and 'Tarot on the Go' set from Crystal and Angel. Unfuckingfortunately I left them in her car last night before our beer-induced trip to IHOP.

Gretta the Goth Soap Maker made me these, suprisingly un-goth soaps in my favorite scent, Pearberry.

My mom got me this storage ottoman. It's awesome! the lid flips over and doubles as a serving tray! Now I can 'entertain!' Mizz Mollie Likes it too.

I also got lots of cards! Can you spot who'se hiding in there, ready to pounce on yo azz when you least expect it?

To sum up, 26 and 27 totally SUCKED. I have this incredible feeling like 28 is gonna rock like 25!

The morning after. Swollen x2 face brought to you courtesy of 'Beer'.


B.O.B.I. said...

Bee said, "Swollen x2 face brought to you courtesy of 'Beer'." (you're still cute as the dickens, though)

I resemble that comment!

Ya know, that shirt actually threw me for a loop for a minute. I thought it was "summer" but the bottom radical was kinda weird. Then I remembered you said "mirror" and I smacked myself a little too hard (drunk) and fell off the bed laughing. Thankfully I have a very soft heap of clean clothes at the bottom.

Oh yeah, beware people who make soap! Didn't you see "Fight Club"?!


Michaela said...

Happy Birthday!