Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday Already?

I'm not an official Self-Portriat Tuesdayer, by I'll thow one in today for the heck of it.

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Cut me some slack! It's 7 am and I haven't had a shower yet!

If I had known that If i was going to make a shirt with Iron-on letters, I shouldn't use a shirt of the 'stretch' variety. I'm hoping it just makes it all the more endearing that my Nonis stretched out the layout so now the shirt looks like this...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Go Nonis!

As far as things to do go, it was quite fun (and, economical). I must work on that letter spacing next time. I'll use my T-square when I make Crystal's "I Belong To David B." shirt. Or maybe it'll just say 'Pistol'.

Have a great Tuesday everybody. Ashley, WELCOME BACK!!! Glad you're feeling better, and that your voice is back, so we can resume talking about Kelly and Julie, aka the Stick Figure with No Soul.



Crystal said...

LOL!! You know I would wear that shirt out! (whether it said "Pistol" or "I Belong To David B.")

When I was a tween I had an airbrush shirt made that said I (Heart) Ricky Morton. Ah, I was such a Rock N Roll Express fan.

Ms. Adventures said...

Yes I'm back in full voiced effect, my peep!

LOL! Thanks Bethies! You're the BEST!!

B.O.B.I. said...

I'm still dazed about that shirt. You are the absolute BEST! THE BEST EVER!

::naughty things::