Friday, January 20, 2006


I hate you Expedia! I hate you I hate you I hate you!!!


I was should have got my ticket to MN 3 days ago. When I logged on thrusday night, the price of the ticket had dropped from $193 to $183. Woo! Unfortunately, I didn't get paid until the next day. So right before lunch (and the requiered visit to the bank) Expudia showed the ticket had gone back up to $193. Okay, no big. Upon returning from the bank and logging on to *finally* buy the damned thing...the price had gone up to $310. I immediately burst into tears, mostly out of the sheer frustration I feel when I'm trying to buy something whose fucking price keeps hopping all over the place! You should see me at an auction, I'm a nervous wreck! So I spent the rest of my day cranky, fidgety, and highly pissed off. I could understand the overnight price-hike of $10 dollars or so, but over $100? I called Expedia customer service, where they were, surprisingly, friendly and courteous. Not as though that made a difference to me, I laid into them.

"What...the..Hell? You people wanna explain this shit to me? WHY did the price on my trip go up OVER A HUNDRED DOLLARS?"

I think that their customer service department is used to this question, because they gave me what I can only describe as the Carefully Empathetic Verbal Shrug. "Sorry Miss. It happens. A lot."

This did nothing to calm me down. I raced home from work, blowing off going to the gym with a co-worker, to call Bobi and complain about this fun new development. He let me rant for a minuite before calming me down with the one thing I hadn't tried yet: rational thought. I guess there's something to that after all. Everyone give my manz props, because I don't think he realizes how impossible it usually is to calm me down in mid-rant. Which makes me realize why I want to get the fucking ticket in the first place. Which makes me mad at Expedia again, which causes...



B.O.B.I. said...

Ohhh, sweetie...


::huggles huggles huggles huggles::

We'll get you up here if I have to carry you. IT WILL HAPPEN!

Bee said...

Better wear good's a LONG WALK. Mind if I bring some reading material along, as you carry me states? Hee! I can just see you carrying me, all exhausted and sweaty, while I casually thumb through the pages of 'Entertainment Weekly' over your shoulder.

kimberlina said...

maybe you could outfit some sort of belt for her, bobi. like, a wine glass holder. not only could she read entertainment weekly, but she could quench her thirst easily with some refreshing beverage.

Bee said...

With Fizzy Spumanti!!!