Monday, July 31, 2006

Comic Life is my new toy....

Crystal, you can't do this on an Acer!

I've finally got my routine down, Wake up, Coffee, Shower, Work, Home, Dinner, TV/Book, Bed. I get a kick out of breaking routine too. This weekend I finally made my way in to Minneapolis to the Skywalk, or Skymall, or Nicollet Mall, whatever you want to call it. All these buildings in Downtown (or is it uptown? Shit!) Minneapolis are connected my second-level walkways, so you can walk all over the area and not have to sweat because it's 102 degrees outside. I finally got to go to the Bead Monkey, I've been making jewlery like crazy to get ready for my Etsy store. I had a fabulous hamburger (and 2 Blue Moon Pale Ales) at Ike's, and got book 4 in the Sandman series. A decidedly relaxing, not-too-productive weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Vacation's All I Ever Wanted.....

Here are a few pictacles from our vacation. They're mostly just lovingly shot photos of BOBI, he'll have a damned portfolio soon. Any here to see em all. I'm off to work!!!

What? I like toast.

I'm looking for ships!

Someone was tired of having is picture taken.


This is what happens to Lakes when Mayhem balls explode in them.


Lake in the Early Morning

A way over-exposed picture of Molly.

Brian's Mom and the Famous Uncle Tom. And his Famous Sunglasses.

Sara post-Mayhem. Recognize the neclace? It's my green 'floater' necklace I made!

BOBI in mid-laugh at one of Uncle Tom's letters. Has there ever been a better picture, ever?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


We just got back from a 4-day mini Vacay in Wisconsin, it was the Best! I got a sunburn, and went swimming in an awesomely clean lake, got to spend lotsa time with my Manz and his fam (including the Famous Uncle Tom), and last but not least, ate ate ate. They looooooove Bratwurst up here. I don't get it either. We took a TON of pictures and Bobi has some hilarious Vid to share soon enough.

And the good keeps coming! Today at work I was informed that I would be getting a raise effective monday! It's pretty much an ego boost considering I've been there for only 30 days. Woo-whoo!

On the downside, It's finally time to have something done about this tooth. Bad Tooth!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Why I Love BOBI

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Because you can't help but love a man in a hat.

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Lovely St. Paul, where we went for the Taste of Minnesota festival. Minnesota tastes like Gyros, Cookies, Lemonade, Shrimp and Footlongs.

The Happiest Place on Earth! This photo has been resized to protect my bosoms.

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Also, He's adorable. And so am I.

Happy Fourth of July! I eagarly await the genuine freaking-out my cats always have caused by the sound of fireworks!