Friday, October 07, 2005

The progidal Brother Returns

My baby brother is coming to town today! We plan on being at Hunter-Gatherer for the Hungry Models, who have a sound I can olny describe as "Retro Grit".
It will actually be the first time It's been just me & him here together. I've usually had one bum or another here so I'm fairly excited by the prospect of a less-tense weekend. My brother tends to not like anyone I date, or marry, or live with in a roommate situation. Probably dosen't help that most of my roommates have either tried to get him high or have sex with him. He's more of a "i'll get high and screw on my OWN time, thankyouverymuch." kind of guy. Plus with him being here gives me an excuse to see Serenity (again).

Oh! And I FINALLY got my digital Camera. True, it's Suppossed to be for work, but don't think I won't take it out with me this weekend. You can get some really quality blurred shots of peoples ears when you're partying


sexedman said...
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Ms. Adventures said...


Have fun this weekend, take some good pics for us to look at!!