Sunday, October 23, 2005

It's all about me, for a change.

This weekend was all about me, me, and me! After last week's throes of misery, I decided to be very sweet to myself. I bought Season 1 of Lost on DVD, a good chunk of desperately needed winter clothes, and gave myself a project to work on. I got this piano bench from Crystal's Yard Sale which I'm refinishing to either put at the foot of my bed or give to my mom for her birthday coming up. I haven't worked on furniture in so long, it felt good to do something productive and creative. Until the overwhelming fumes from the finish stripping chemicals made me all dizzy.

The change in the weather has go me feeling so good (again, that could be the fumes) that I'm even going to cook today. My oven hasn't been turned on since Troy moved out, hope I still remember what I'm doing. I'm making pot roast, something that I make better than anyone in the entire world, and if anyone wants to challenge that I say 'Bring It!'


Danius Maximus said...

sometimes you need a little me time.

Crystal said...

call me when you get a chance so we can discuss the group blog.