Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day...For Rizzle

Imagine my joy when I was told I would be leaving at 2:15 today, and that the station was closing early due to heavy snow...Imagine my disappointment when I was told it was unpaid. Such as it is, I never look a gift horse (nor any horse) in the mouth, but take my 2 hours 15 minuites and run.

Taking a page from Sleep Goblins book, we went out in the snow to play. Brian tried his best at snowmanship, but tonights snow was far too dry and powdery.

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Taking a break from all my worries sure does help a lot.

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Those would be my "foot" prints.

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Brian works on his wouldn't-be snowman.

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No point to this one, I just really like my hat.

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The Stalwart Hero.

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This was actually a few days ago when I was cutting Brian's hair...I just wanted to give him a little emo's really cute with the red hair!


Sleep Goblin said...

The plows came and destroyed much of our handiwork the next day... And then we had sleet all night, and then rain all day today, and now it's snowing again. And yet that 2 feet or so of snow is still out there, like none of that has happened...

jodru said...

Hey, I think I missed a few posts or something, but are you working at a radio station, now? That's cool. What station is it?

Crystal said...

THAT hairdo is TOTALLY badass!! :D You better keep it Brian! :D

I bet brian has enjoyed the snow more since you've been there, than he has in years.

btw, I called you last sunday and left a voicemail. i told you this in pm at banned too but i haven't heard back from you yet so i'm not sure if you got my messages. lol yes i got the dvds. yes they play in my pc. we're going to get a dv cable this weekend to see if we can view them on the tv. THANK YOU! I can't wait to watch them. I will need something when Jensen Ackles' lusicious self isn't steaming up my tv screen.