Friday, May 28, 2010

All the ladies...

I like to watch a lot of TCM and AMC, it's part of what gave me my inspiration for the story I've been working on. A lot of times when I'm watching these old movies I'll see an actress and think "Oh she would make a great Jane, if I were filming this story in 1948." I know, I need a life. Thank you.

Here are just a few of said inspirations, enjoy!

Lizzy - Hedy Lamarr

She's got a wholesome, sort of good-girl vibe, but looks like she'd have a great sense of humor.

Jane - Carole Landis
This is one of the few actresses I came across that was smiling in most of her photos. It seems that pouting was very popular in the Golden Age of Cinema.

Caroline - Ella Raines
She's gonna get you! 

Claire Connelly - Anna Neagle

She looks sweet, doesn't she? Like the popular girl in school that you wanted to hate but just couldn't.

Anne - Gene Tierney

To me, Anne is sort of perpetually sad.

Georgiana - Janet Blair
It's almost impossible to find photos of young, brunette actresses from the 1940's. Janet definitely has the face though, she looks innocent and good-natured.

Kitty and Lydia - Joan and Constance Bennet

 These two look like trouble, don't they?

Mrs. Bennet - Barbara Stanwyck

She's got the vapors! Quick, grab her smelling salts!

Catherine - Marlene Dietrich

Oh Marlene. I could only find about 2 photos of the woman where she doesn't have a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. I've always thought she looked very forbidding, much like Lady C!

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