Friday, July 03, 2009

Vampires, Steampunk.

Would it be bad to say I'm enjoying being laid off, just a little bit?

I'm sure that wouldn't be the case if not for the fact that BOBI's sisters are moving into the upstairs apartment, I've been helping Sarah pick out some stuff second hand to Steampunk her new bedroom. Also tossing around the theme of "I got locked in an old British library" meets "Alice in Wonderland". Are there any simple craft ideas or cheap options out there for this? Comment your ideas.

Just got The Hunger Season 1 to watch, cause Vampires are so hot right now....Still, Daniel Craig? I'll take it. Speaking of vampires, why has no one cast Billy Corgan as one yet? I realize this gives Billy Corgan as many mentions on this blog as myself, BOBI and the cats combined, but really...



And if we are going that far, why not go whole hog and also cast Trent Reznor a`la 'The Perfect Drug'?



That's all for now, Ta!


Brian said...

If we go with "I Got Locked In An Old British Library", I want a gramophone. Or one of those leaning, rolling ladders. Or you have to dress up as the librarian and "take me through the reference section".

kimberlina said...

i love that design aesthetic!! thrift stores always seem like a good place to start for cheap materials.... :)