Thursday, July 23, 2009


Just browsing some of the stuff that's up on Today's Minneapolis Craigslist today, the only rule? Nothing over $100.

Check out these beauts...

Paint it Hot Pink!

I love this chair, it makes me think of my Aunt Betty. This would be lovely painted a glossy black or a bright white. $20!

I sort of love this bed frame as-is, though there are a ton of possibilities. And for $65, well worth it!

Now that is just cute.


kimberlina said...

oh, i LIKE that idea of browsing stuff w/ a price limit!

Sleep Goblin said...

whoa! it's nice to see you back on the blogosphere! i'm glad i decided to pop over today to check :)

also, your room looks lovely. and i think arranging your books by color is awesome, so long as you can find what you need. it's just so visually appealing. i'd do it too, but i know my husband well enough to know it wouldn't stay that way and that would drive me crazy. i can't even get him to get the dvd's in alphabetical order.

Covered Bridge Studio said...

nice work :)