Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Grr, Blood, Purple.

I not-so-solemnly swear I will try to update this thing more often.

A few bits:
-The wedding has been postponed for now. Brian and I are fine, just taking some more time before we tie the knot.

-I just discovered that the Limited does carry my size. All this time I would just breeze by it with a pained expression. Now I know the pained expression is not because the clothes are too small, but too expensive! What a relief!

-True Blood on HBO is awesome. Where can I learn to throw rusty chains up here, right?

-Purple is my new favorite color.


kimberlina said...

d00d. ours is back on for this october and can i say, TAKE YOUR TIME. it's effing hard to get "what you want" and all that fun stuff.

erm, that didn't make much sense. i think i need more coffee.

but yea. it's good to not stress about weddings, regardless. for fucking real.

Sleep Goblin said...

yes. for real. sometimes i wish i'd waited. mostly when i see pictures of other people's weddings and think about the things we wanted and didn't do because we didn't have the time or money. really though, the only thing i still wish were different is the photographer. piece of crap. everything else is sort of a blur.

um... not sure how much that is actually related to your post. perhaps it's more related to my viewing of one of ds's friends wedding pictures yesterday.