Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bringing Scully Back

I love it when both of my bosses are out. Instead of doing real work I get caught up on my blogging. Just remember to delete those cookies!

No update yet on Dad's new Liver. As of today Duke's Transplant Clinic is saying "It could be any day now". So I'm sitting on a small mound of vacation time like a mad little squirrel sitting on her winter nuts....her winter stockpile of nuts. Speaking of nuts, I wish Angel & Firefly fans had had the organization and resources that Jericho fans did. They got their cancelled show back on the air, and all it took was 25 million pounds of Peanuts. Somewhere, Joss Whedon is weeping.

Thanks to a kind young woman I work with, I've been plowing my way through the first seven seasons of the X-files. I just finished Season 3, and aforementioned co-worker practically had to pry it straight out of my grip I liked it so much. Best episode ever? Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'. Brilliant from start to finish.

I feel I would be remiss If I did not make a list of my favorite guest appearances, seasons 1-3:

1. Peter Boyle as the Suicidal Precog
2. Alex Trebek and Jesse Ventura as the Men In Black
3. B.D. Wong (from Law & Order SVU as the Charbroiled Chinatown Cop
4. Giovanni Ribisi as lightning boy
5. Jack Black as french-fried Friend of lightning boy
6. Seth Green as long-haired freaky people (need not apply)
7. Jewel Staite as girl who is kidnapped by Colin Mocherie look-alike
8. Michael J. Anderson as seriously short-fused (ha!) Hotel Manager
9. Guy who played Jenny Calender's Uncle on Buffy as sometimes-conjoined twin guy.
10. Lucy Liu as pointless sick girl. But still...Adorable!
11. Brad Dourif (who beautifully played Doc Cocharan on Deadwood as a psychic on Death Row.
12. Terry O'Quinn (Lost's Locke) as overbearing police guy
13. Lady who played Frazier Crane's Agent Bebe as Clone Lady, aka Eve 6. I guess I have Chris Carter to thank for inspiring Crappy Bands everywhere.

I'd also like to thank Mitch Pileggi's back for making a cameo in Season 3. Is there anyone who just oozes hotness like A.D. Skinner?
An additional shout-out goes to the episode where Scully FINALLY gets to drive. Brian, not being the biggest X-files fan, is back to playing World of Whorecraft, I mean Warcraft. I'm cool with it now, as long as it dosen't get so out of hand I have to take him on the Tyra show or anything. Did you see that episode? The husband left the hospital for 3 hours to play WoW while his WIFE WAS GIVING BIRTH TO THEIR CHILD. If ever a situation called for Tyra Banks, that was it. Personally, I think Blizzard Inc should not require payment of it's players. I think it should in fact be paying money to the player's significant others. Call it reimbursment for the medical bills spent after the stroke they have from asking him twenty times in a two hour span to take out the damn trash, and constantly getting "just after this raid" in response.


For a parting thought, here's a good Hippie Joke I heard (or read, I think, on TWOP)...

Q: How can you tell when a Hippie has been in your house?


A: He's Still There!!!

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