Friday, May 18, 2007

Nons Sombres

I can only think of two instances in my life where I have felt so completely exhausted, physically and mentally. The first was when I babysat a 13-month old girl for an entire week, and promptly swore off having children (at least I think I swore off 13-month olds and all babies too small to appreciate Spongebob Squarepants. I prefer they spring from my head like Athena from Zeus, five years old and fully potty-trained). The second time was the three days following my mom's surgery, which I stayed at the hospital and pretty much awake for about 70 hours. When I got a chance to go home and catch some sleep, I snored so loud I woke myself up. True Story.

Now, however, my fun old friend Mr. Insomnia visits me every night, and sometimes he brings along his good friend Ms. Super Distrubing Dreams. I think I've aged about 3 years in the past month. Just in time for summer!

Not that I don't have my has liver cancer and after next friday will be #2 on Duke's transplant list. My brother, grandpa and best friend all have birthdays this coming week and I'll not see a single one of them. Work has been grinding me to a little nub, and people are starting to notice I get sort of...well, evil when I haven't had enough sleep. Evil with horns, the real thing.

Not to worry, a vacation is nigh. After a long sojurn in Europe, BOBI's sister Molls comes home today (well, tonight). Tonight we pick her up from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, and tomorrow we're off to the North Shore, where their mom and her husband have a house right on Lake Superior. I could sit out on thier back porch for hours and look at the lake, hunt for sea-glass and skipping rocks on the shore, or just dig the always nicer (except in winter) temperatures. They even have a huge statue of a french guy! Check it out!

This guy is known as Pierre the Voyager. Don't he just Look French! I don't know who those people are, sorry.


Sleep Goblin said...

Make sure you get a picture of you and Bobi in front of that statue while you're there!! I have something similar of my friend Kelly and I in front a Santa that size. Soooo worth it.

Anonymous said...

scrolled down to the image and could have sworn that i immediately thought that statue was one of bobi's fabled uncles.