Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I actually have been working on this retrospective on the Emo "movement", but right now I'm too tired to finish it. We're having a site visit tommorow from a huge company we're trying to woo, so things at work are crazy. I spent a half an hour under my desk yesterday bundling cables. It was so much fun, like camp! You want to hear something funny about my work vs. home life? Has everyone seen that Emerald Nuts commercail where Robert Gulet 'messes with your stuff'? If not watch it here. It's funny. This is, I'm neat. I'm not crazy psycho neat...I just don't like clutter. Everyone at work notices this (since I'm pretty much alone in the 'no clutter' camp) and says "Wow, your place must be soooooo clean". I just give a little 'heh' and go back to work, but what I'd like to tell them is that Robert Gulet visits me in my home, in the guise of Brian. We got a visit this past weekend from his mom & sister, and mom noted "It does NOT look like Brian lives here! You must have to tidy up all the time!" Well, she would know. Still...vindication!

A few other notes...
  • Could we just please please please bury Anna Nicole Smith already? Stop fighting over her's CREEPY.
  • I want to see the movie 300 so bad it's not even funny....
  • I'm a little shocked to discover I'm laughing harder at the Colbert Report than I am the Daily show.

Next time...Emo!

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Sleep Goblin said...

Don't be shocked. I mean, after all, Colbert is one sexy nerd.