Monday, April 11, 2005

I should totally be working right now.

But can't make myself, for some reason. Usually I show a teensy bit of motivation to get the Eff out of here before 8 p.m., but today I just can't muster it. Maybe it's because of an order I nearly screwed up friday, which my "I'm totally hip" boss thought I did screw up. Now, because I caused him to be "Unduly stressed out over the weekend", I have to unpack all these frigging boxes of Toner.

I can't wait until my furniture refinishing business takes off.

We went to visit my brother in Knoxville TN this weekend, which was fun. The part that was NOT fun was the part where we driving through the mountains at night and my windshield wiper kept trying to fly off. Brushes with death...not something I recommend.

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