Tuesday, March 15, 2005

When Wit Eludes You

For some reason I made Feburaury my "Take Pills and be Groovy" month, which is so wierd since I'm not at all into drugs. Needless to say I'm still reeling from THAT month. The good part is, I took all my valium so I won't be tempted to take more. Yay!

Once a month I get together with some of my friends and we have a "girls night". I won't even elaborate on how mad they all got when I rephrased it to Golden Girls Night. Apparently they didn't see the humor. I think it's perfect! I would totally be Dorothy (the mean one), Ash would be Blanche (the, um, 'friendly' one) Crys would be Rose (the sweet one) and CS would be Sofia (the batty one).

What other TV foursomes could we be, I wonder?

How about Seinfeld?

I feel Like I'm Jerry (Sarcastic One) Ash is George (The One that Worries) Crys is Elaine (the Always Caught Off Guard One) and CS is Kramer (The One That is Totally Dramatic) Damn! This is Hard!

Okay, Let's Try it with Buffy.

Obviously, I would like to be Buffy. Who wouldn't? But for GP I'm taking Buffy out of the picture. Instead we'll do sidekicks.
Me= Anya (smartass, clueless)
Crys=Willow (takes a LOOONG time to get a punchline)
Ash=Giles (Good Comebacks, out of character lingo)
CS=Xander (Notice how she's always the goofy one?)

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rageforst said...

there always be that kind of Comparations... the psique of each caracther, and always you'll be cruching them with the real world, hehehe, Take Care Nerd part