Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Attacking the internet, one Blog at a time.

For some reason I'm thinking Blogger is going to be better than Diaryland and Livejournal. I suppose it's good I'm starting this in the positive.
I was telling my good friend Kim about some old home movies my dad put on DVD for me. I was about Twelve years old, and my dad was filming me and my younger brother playing with puppies in the back yard. I don't know how my twelve-year-old self missed it, but my dad was smoking a joint the whole time he was filming. My childhood must have been way cool. At one point in the video, my mother is attempting humor and says something like "All hands to the bridge, Mr. Solo." and you can hear 12-year-old me in the background go "Mom, it's Mister SULU. GAH!".
There it was, preserved for an undisclosed number of years, proof of my nerdiness.
So that's basically be in a nutshell. I read SciFi (and yes, even the occasional Fantasy series), am obsessed with Law & Order, Television Without Pity, and apparantely blogging. I have cats, not dogs, a mac and a job that lets me sort of coast through the day making pictures in Photoshop of me getting a big kiss from David Boreanaz. Oh, and I enjoy the occasional run-on sentance. Can you tell my major was English? On a side note, I've sort of got a jones to read another Neal Stephenson book, I liked Snow Crash so much. Should I start with Cryptonomicon or go right to Quicksilver?

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