Monday, December 17, 2007


Oh Blog, you poor, ignored little bugger. I have been able to unstick myself from Battlestar Galactica reruns long enough to update you. I'm very ashamed of this neglect.

Well, little, sad, unread & ignored one...what's new with you? Oh right, nothing. What's new with me? Well! Here is the laundry list...

- We love living in St. Paul. Burnsville is lousy with soccer moms, minivans, and only one Olive Garden. I got a library card, and when the wind is not blowing cold ass air in our faces, we walk the three blocks over and browse books. It's fun.

- I finished my blanket made of T-shirts...Sorry this picture is so dark. It was fun to make.

- Brian is Graduating this week! Of course he's immediately going to attempt entering the PhD program of Asian Languages & Literature, (yes, you skip the postgrad and go right into PhD, but you do get a master's out of it anyway, I know...wierd). Anyway, I am very proud, so much so that I let him get an Xbox 360. I have since fallen in love with Guitar Hero. Dammit!

- My job is job. Meh. But I will hopefully be enrolling in Online Classes at the Art Institutue of Minneapolis. We'll see.

- My mom came to visit! We didn't get into the first fight. Miracle.

I guess the biggest thing to mention is that two days after my last post, my dad got the liver he'd been waiting for for years. I flew down to Duke courtesy of Aunt Betty and stayed there for 2 weeks while he recovered. It was actually pretty awesome. He was out of the hospital after five days, which is practically unheard of. We went to see Transformers less than a week after his surgery! The movie sucked, but being able to go to the movie was better than great.

I don't know why I always attempt lengthy blog posts when I have to get ready for work. Write another 5 minuites or shave my legs? Bah, it's winter. Nobody shaves their legs in winter, right?


BOBI said...

"Nobody shaves their legs in winter, right?"

Well I know I don't. But then, I'm weird.


Sleep Goblin said...

Not unless they start to get itchy! (Which is quite preventable with a proper lotion regimen)
Did you move?? Did I mail your Christmas card to the wrong place?? Oh no!

DS has an Xbox 360! You guys should exchange Xbox Live names with us, and we can play with you!

kimberlina said...

definitely! no one shaves in winter. of course, i never shave, so that makes it easy. hahaha.

:) i am so glad you're doing well, not to mention your dad! congrats on the new liver action!