Sunday, January 28, 2007


TCM showed Victor Victoria today, and it left me with this question...

Does the fact that I found Julie Andrews hot as a woman, a man, and a drag queen make me a Straight Woman, A Gay Man or a Lesbian?


Sleep Goblin said...

Does it matter? :)

Ms. Adventures said...

I'd have to say all three! You have quite a dilemma on your hands missy.

Crystal said...

i'm going to a browncoats shindig on saturday in hopes of making some friends. I met one of the girls on livejournal and I think she lives in my neighborhood! I wish you could go with me. Angel refuses, so I'm going alone.

The description is:
Start time: 2PM

Scavenger hunt team up begins at 3:30pm Teams Depart at 4PM

6PM - scavenger hunt ends

6:30 Pot Luck Asian Dinner - Please bring a covered dish to share or
your favorite nibble/beverage

So far we have - "Wife Soup"
Steamed Dumplings
Various other dimsum
Fried Wontons
Stir fry.
Mudders Milk ( A wonderful booze laden concoction
created by the Beatties)

Followed By:

-Big Damn Hero's Trivia Game
-Viewing of various spiffy tidbits and Aussie DVD extras
( thank you John!)
-Best Damn Costume Award
-And other surprises that we think up between now and then.

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