Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What a hectic weekend. Sunday I told Brian to take the car so I could check the oil in the van and then maybe do a little shopping. He did take the car, but he also took the van key with him. Luckily for me, Adam is sweet and fluffy as a puppy and dropped the key off for me. UNluckily for me, the van stalled out on a very busy street leaving the mall. I had no cell phone, no one to call, and no one to help me get the fucker back into the parking lot. Right when I was beginning to break down in tears a very nice, slightly creepy older guy helped me get the van into the parking lot and offered me a ride, to which I replied "No thanks, I'll call a cab". I then saw he had his 11-ish year old son with him in the car and went anyway, figuring it served me right if I got hatchet murdered. I didn't think the guy would do any grisly crimes with his kid in the car (since watching Dexter I may change my mind) but I had my keys in the weapon position, just in case. The guy turned out to be a true good samaritan, so thankfully I'm still alive. Of course that isn't making the van any less FUBAR. Also went to see The Prestige with Adam on Sunday, if you haven't seen this movie...SEE IT!!! And then say "what the EFF?". Christian Bale is Not un-yummy in this movie, and who can resist a cameo of David Bowie as Nikola Tesla? I was so fascinated with the Tesla-Edison rivalry side story that I've decided to read up on Tesla, as soon as I'm finished with The Historian.

I also found out that my aunt, one of my favorite people in the whole world, has agressive breast cancer. They are going to start her on Chemotherapy immediately and once they have the tumor shrunk down they'll do a mastectomy. My dad is with her now, but I wish I could be too.

Here are a few of the things I love about Minnesota:

A view from just outside my apartment.

Another one. This was taken right at sunset, and the picutre does not do justice to the fall colors.

The Twins. My whole life I always secretly wanted younger sisters.

These guys were just hanging out on my patio. I started giving them snacks and they would peck at each other or chase each other around for them. It was totally cute.

And speaking of totally cute...

Friday, October 13, 2006

Snow in October

Just another one of those things that makes this place so alien to me sometimes, freaking snow for the past 3 days now. Even the snow is different here than it is in the south, the flakes are bigger, fatter, and...I dunno, Dryer somehow. Snow in the south is always wet. Or at least the air is. The colder air here is completely opposite of what I'm used to, which is a damp cold that seems to seep into your bones and make them ache. This is more a biting, sharp cold. Of course I've heard all the caveat's of my coworkers, "This is Nothing!" and "You haven't seen anything yet!", and I suppose that's true. The lower 30's may not be the coldest to them, but it is pretty much winter temperatures to me. So, Brrr. And also, Yay! I'm totally enjoying it so far, except for the very unpleasant rawness I've gotten inside my nose from the super dry air. It's very distracting.

And speaking of distractions, I'm a TV zombie. I'm juggling Three shows that I not only enjoy but obsess over. Currently I'm being wooed by Lost on Wednesday night, followed immediately by Project Runway, and my Friday nights are all Battlestar Gallactica. You might notice the absence of Smallville. Well, sorry folks. With James Marsters gone, and no possiblility of any more Dr. SoFine, the only reason to watch is the still-fun Clark-Lex homoerotic tension. And even that does not outweigh having to put up with Erica Durance. Just DIE already Lois. I think at this point I prefer Margot Kidder's Lois. (Never Teri Hatcher)

Archive Moment!

One year ago today I was raving about Graffiti!

Friday, October 06, 2006


The Dirty Pants are back, FYI.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006


My friend Kate just came to visit this past weekend for her birthday. We had three days of shopping, eating, occasionally drinking and then shopping some more. Here are some photos, along with some old ones that have been on the camera for a while.

Kate and I doing our Best Patti Hearst's at GameWorks.

Brian kills Zombies Dead. er.

I was the only one who wanted this Map Picture

Nicole Ritchie! Come back!

Sucking down The Perfect Margarita in my new shirt from Delia*s

She does look a little bit like a cartoon!

Brain Freeze!

When in Rome...er, Wisconsin...

I have no idea why I look so confused.

The Target Ninja will kick your ass!