Monday, December 05, 2005

Hey wait! Maybe I AM a cliche!

Because I am a woman, and I do love the shoes. I love the shoes so much, in fact, that I purchased a pair of Bandolinos for $78 this weekend, a steal!

Only thing is, I AM frugal nowadays (now that I have to spend my own money that I earn) so it seemed a little self-indulgent to me. But really, let's break it down.

I'm not married, I've got no kids, so really I only have money to spend on my bills, my cats, and myself. And that? Is awesome. Call me shallow (or don't, whichever) but there is something that feels SO GOOD about waking up on a saturday after working a 52 hour week, telling Josh Holloway "it's time to wake up, honey" and spending the day in World Market, Pier 1, Target, and so on and so on. Best purchase of the week was a tie between my faux-fur shrug and my Bill Maher "I'm Swiss!" DVD. I also got Eddie Izzards "Definite Article" which is awesome, but 'Dress to Kill' will always be my #1 fave.

By the way, a big "I Wish" on the Josh Holloway thing.

My friend Sally had a Hot Liquor party this weekend. I never knew how divine hot chocolate could be when teamed up with the right booze. And the eggnog had WISKEY in it, and a lot of it. So anyway, for no other reason other than there wouldn't be a single straight guy there, I glammed out 50's style. I got more compliments on my silver screen look than I've gotten put together all year.


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Crystal said...

pictures please

Bee said...

I didn't actually take any, but I would be happy to don my gay apparrel again for pics.