Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Out of Commission

Been sort of Lost in Diaryland this summer. With so much going on at work and at home I haven't been posting on any forums, visiting any quirky websites, or doing any kind of crafting lately.
My boyfriend is about to turn 33 and last night we had "the talk" as in "should we work it out or call it quits" talk. Why is it that the only time he talks like a mature, reasonable adult is when I'm thinking about leaving him? We decided to give it one last push, but we are definitely changing a thing or two. Will it work out this time? Who knows, all you can do is brace yourself and hope for the best.

Work has been extrememly busy and hectic, I've barely had time for myself or anyone. Our once-empty offices (inhabited for a time by only myself) is now filled with furniture, successories (bleah) and people. I've been given more responsibilites, or rather, my responsibilites have been more streamlined. I come in some days at 7:00 am and sometimes don't leave until nearly 7:00 p.m. Just please don't make me salaried!!!

In the few hours of the day that I do have to myself away from work, I've tried to spend it with my friends. Unfortunately I haven't gotten much time to spend with Ash & Crystal, and that's something I intend to rectify. (Hee! Rectify!) One unfortunate side affect of hanging with (some) of your girlfriends is a tendancy to girlie beer, aka Woodchuck draft Cider, which leads to me smoking WAY too much for someone that quit over a year ago. So I'm on the patch now..and let me say those bastards who advertise this thing need to let you know how freaking annoying the little fucker can be. First it itches, BADLY, then comes the dull throbbing pain that lasts about 24 hours until it's time to apply the patch in a new spot for all new discomfort. Am I rambling? Maybe a side effect of having nicotine infused into my bloodstream through my skin.

Oh! And i got a new haircut & color, it looks great, Hopefully I'll have some pics to post soon.

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Crystal said...

Hee! Rectify!