Monday, June 20, 2005

Life paralells TV...Oh Boy!

Anyone who was as obsessed with Carnivale as I was might agree. First we thought Scudder was good. Then we found out that Scudder was evil. And not just evil, he was EEVVIILL. Well, the stray kitty (who about a year ago I aptly named...Scudder) whose leg I so nobly paid $185 to have fixed I once thought was good, but as it happens is Evil. EEVVIILL. Or just bored. She has clawed off the screen from my porch and eaten about three inches of the laundry room door. I guess the Purina adult formula is lacking the fiber she needs. Now If only I could be stranded on an Island with Sayid from Lost and Kyle (shirtless, of course) from The 4400.

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